We are based in Cape Town, South Africa.

We are able to supply and ship car body bucks/car frames worldwide.

Each body buck is personally designed, built and checked by the owner.
The owner is a qualified mechanical engineer as well a Sports Car Enthusiast.
He has years of experience in building and restoring Classic and Sport Cars.
He has also scratch built original cars.

Making use of Computer Aided Design (CAD), 3D scanning and a CNC work centre we are able to create out of plywood a life size car body buck which you then use to form your car body on.

You can then create your own body in aluminium, steel or composites of fiberglass as done in the traditional style of forming car bodies by Ferrari and Maserati.

The plywood profile/car body buck components are CNC routered and then slotted together to give you a full framework of a life size car.
The body buck which we create for you is pre-assembled and fitted together to ensure for accuracy.

Only once we are satisfied with it, we will disassemble it and pack it in knock down form in order for it to be shipped to you wherever in the world you are.

 When you receive it, all that is required from you is to assemble the body buck using the supplied plans.